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Brief Introduction to the Chinese American

Culture Exchange Center of Dali 

The Chinese American Culture Exchange Center of Dali is founded to promote the Dali Bai Nationality culture and art in the world and to promote mutual understanding between Dali and the outside world.  As a non-profit cultural organization, with world renowned activist Anna Chennault as its life honorary Chairperson, and outstanding Chinese American artist and journalist, Li Yiling, as its director, the Center invites Chinese and American celebrities to be its directors or advisors in order to motivate more people from both sides of the Pacific to come to Yunnan and get more actively involved in the development of Yunnan’s culture, education, art, charity, tourism and economy.  You are cordially invited to join in as a member or honorary member to accomplish the mission of the Center.

Contact e-mail: liyilingabc@yahoo.comor


大理中美民族文化交流中心“依凌爱心源博物馆”属非赢利性机构,宗旨是为了扩大大理民族文化艺术在世界的影响,让大理融入世界,让世界走进大理而。中心由国际政治、经济、文化领域著名活动 家陈香梅 女士担任永远名誉主席,由长期活跃在纽约文化艺术界同时又是资深媒体人员的著名旅美青年艺术 家李依凌 女士主理。希望以此促进世界和全国艺术家们前来大理举办各项展览交流活动,推动中美各行各业积极参与云南的文化、教育、艺术、慈善、投资、旅游等各项事业的发展。


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1 Folklore and Folk Arts Showroom

Showcases the unique history, culture, folklore and folk art of Dali.  The showroom, standing out with its colorful ethnic characteristics, can be used as an educational base for ethnic arts and culture, to hold Bai Nationality art exhibition or the Bai Nationality arts exchange, and to conduct exchanges between Dali museums and libraries and their counterparts in the nation and the world.


2. Flying Tigers and Anna Chennault Showroom

Displays photos, artifacts of the Flying Tigers and photos, letters, books of and by Madame Anna Chennault.


3. Showroom of Art Works of Chinese and American Artists, including photos, paintings, sculptures etc.


4. Yiling Loving and Caring Showroom.

This showroom displays photos, posters and news clips that chronicle Ms. Yiling Li’s artistic and charity activities in both America and China , especially in Dali. It also includes posters, photos, news clips, photos of the Dali Hope Project.



5. Photos of Poor and Rural Mountain Areas of Yunnan .  

This showroom displays photos taken in poor and rural mountain areas of Yunnan , vividly showing the rough schooling condition of the students residing in those areas. This may be used as an incentive to motivate more loving and caring people both in the nation and abroad to donate for these students.    



6. 大理文化艺术馆Exhibition Hall of Dali Culture and Arts



The Erhai Lake area culture is an essential component of the Four Major Yunnan Cultures.  Dali’s history and culture are comparatively long and rich.  Dated as far back as the Paleolithic period, Dali already had human beings lived and multiplied here.  The Erhai Lake area is the origin of the Yunnan Bronze Culture and is one of the birthplaces of the ancient civilization of Yunnan . During the Tang and Song dynasties, Dali was the center of politics, economy and culture of Yunnan . Three ancient post roads converged here, hence Dali interacted densely and frequently with some countries in politics, military affairs, economy and culture.  Intercultural converging ,integration led to very rich and unique regional culture in Dali.


Blessed with the natural charm and beauty of Mt. Cangshan and the Erhai Lake , and distinctive wind , various flowers, snowy landscape and bright moonlight,  Dali has fostered various forms of cultures: historical culture that was formed during the Nanzhao State and Dali State periods, that is rich in content; the local deity culture that integrates Confucianism , Buddhism and Taoism; residence building culture that stresses the harmony between nature and people;  clothes and ornaments culture , that is strong in function and fishing culture that embodies the harmony between life and nature; stone inscription art and drawing art culture, that features Buddhism as subject matters; tea culture that embodies life philosophy; stone culture that is natural in form. 









As sunshine can bring warmth to human beings, a light tower can light the road to the future, the box of loving care conveys kindness to the needy. A friend in need is a friend indeed. We want to your friend who can be of assistance to you.  If you need our help, please tell us so, plus your specific situation and detailed information, and we will contact you as soon as possible.  Because of some limited conditions, we may not meet all of your needs immediately.  However, we will do what we can to help you. “Conveying love and sending warmth” is our motto. Together, we can make a difference.  All are brothers and sisters.  With caring hands and loving hearts surrounding us, we will surely live in a warm world like a big family.




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